Internet of Things (IoT)

Brief description of the technology

The Internet of Things or IoT (acronym for Internet of Things) is a concept that refers to the connection to the Internet of all kinds of devices (from a refrigerator to a sensor, including a smartwatch), in order to exchange information, which allows automating and greatly multiplying its possibilities of use. The Internet of Things is a scenario where animals, people or objects are all connected, provided with or have unique identifiers with which there is the possibility of transferring data about them over the network without the need for interaction between person-person or person-computer.

Benefits of your
Incorporation into the company

Everything can be measured, from household appliances, construction equipment, buildings or vehicles will transmit data and communicate with other objects or people. That way, everything can be measured and tracked all the time. And cloud-based applications and tools will be able to analyze and translate that data into actionable insights. That information will be key to making better decisions and helping to achieve better results.

With IoT, information is turned into action at high speed, making it possible to predict problems and anticipate trends.

Industries will become interconnected, i.e. the more connected machines are, the more connected people will be. The data will not be clustered in a single particular industry, but will be used across different sectors and companies, driving innovation.

Examples of
Enterprise Application

Sensors in machine, line or production process: it is an IoT application in the industrial sector that allows, thanks to new devices, communication protocols and democratization of sensors, to facilitate the collection of data and a possible real-time processing of the same in order to optimize the process.

Application of IoT in the logistics and transport sector: it is possible to connect and monitor the goods to record their status or even know it in real time. In recent years, the cost has become much cheaper, due to the democratization of this technology, it is possible even at the domestic level to have access to sensors and smart devices with few resources. That is why a preliminary study is necessary by the competent team and the best available solution that suits the client will be applied.